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News from Smokey Mountain

All the latest news and instruments from The Smokey Mountain Dulcimer Works

August 4th 2004

New website launched

The brand new Smokey Mountain Dulcimer Works website was launched August 4th. Although still to be refined and completed this marks another milestone in the history of the company.


14th October 2004

Radical new instrument is launched

This is hot off the press - a completely new type of instrument is being built by the Smokey Mountain Dulcimer Works and you are just going to want one as soon as you see it.

The prototype is being tested by Dave Hayes of Devil's Fire Band over in England in early November and the production model will be available soon after. Bookmark this page as pictures of this new little beauty are going to be appearing soon !



4th November 2004

electric strum stick....and here is it ! - the ELECTRIC STRUM STICK
At long last the testing stages are over and we are ready to launch our new baby. The Electric Strum Stick has been played and tested on live gigs over in the UK and has gone down a wow!

We are still looking for a name for this radical new instrument. Here's what Dave of Devil's Fire says about it:

"After testing it out on gigs, band members and the audience alike all said "what the heck is that? - and wow doesn't it sound fantastic".
The electric strum stick has a tone to die for and is a natural cross-over between a dulcimer sound and the raunch and punch of an electric guitar. This baby really does grab attention, both with it's looks and the way it sounds. I am thrilled and honoured to own this unique instrument."











4th November 2004

Electric Strum Stick is christened
After much thought and deliberation we wanted to choose a name that embodied the whole spirit of this one-of-a-kind new instrument. Because of the hand contoured flame-like body and the warm and mellow tone we decided to call it "The Electric Firestick"

This instrument is no toy - it has been developed with the professional musician in mind but still paying homage to the authentic Smokey Mountain roots it springs from. Remember, you can only buy these from The Smokey Mountain Dulcimer Works. There will be a waiting list so order yours now !

Price $200.00 shipping in the US $20.00
For shipping outside the U.S. - call me



7th April 2006

New instrument and price

fiddleMountain Fiddle

This Fiddle was played by many mountain folks in the Smokey mountains. It was a little different style than the origional fiddle but played the same.The sound is a little more mellow but a very sweet sound.

Most of the players held it under their arm rather than under the chin. It has played many a barn dance.

The body size is 24 inches long, approx 1 1/2 thick and has the full 12 inch scale that the full size fiddle has. It has a ebony fiddle fret board. The tuners are guitar type geared so they are easy to tune and will stay in tune. The body is made of poplar and the neck is made of hard woods from the Smokey Mountains.This fiddle will draw a lot of attention when played. This is great fun, Try one and you will think you are back in time.

Price $200.00 shipping in the US $20.00
For shipping outside the U.S. - call me



28th August 2006

banjo dulcimerThe "Banjimer" Banjo Dulcimer

The newest addition to the Smokey Mountain stable, the Banjo Dulcimer, or Banjimer. Watch this space for more news, but these are available to buy right now.

Please enquire for prices













28th September 2008

electric strum stickSemi-Acoustic/Electric Strum Stick

Do you have an acoustic Strum Stick but want something you can also plug in to an amplifier and be LOUD? - this is for you. The new semi acoustic/electric.

Price $200.00 shipping in the US $20.00
For shipping outside the U.S. - call me



















7th October 2009

Take a look at our new-look website. We have had a redesign by Dave over at Academy Internet Solutions in the UK.



29th March 2015

The website has now been made mobile-friendly. The pages resize automatically to fit any browser. Thanks again Dave at Academy Internet.


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